Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bologna Book Fair

My agent, Jo Volpe of Nancy Coffey Literary is gearing up for the Bologna Book Fair. These are some spots I revisited for a promo sheet she's asked for. Sounds like it's going to be a wonderful trip and I'm green, green, green with envy but so happy she's going : )
Also, here is an interview about SCBWI if any of you are interested. I look SO YOUNG in these photos...they were taken 9 years ago when my hair had much less grey in it and my children were itty bitty (and I was getting a lot less sleep.) So, feel free to pretend my hair still looks like that if you like. I am getting more sleep these days. Happy Thursday.


  1. Happy Thursday to you too, Lori! I'm so glad your illustrations are headed to Bologna :)
    I just love them (especially the piggy)!

  2. You are SO awesome! Thanks for sharing: not only your illustrations, but your journey, and yourself! You are an inspiration to me! ( Are you sure you weren't a teenager in that first photo!?!)

  3. Thanks so much Gretchen!!! I'm a teenager NOW! I was 2 in that photo.