Thursday, February 23, 2012

ilove imove #2

Ok, so I'm a little distracted here in my studio. I've mounted my phone to my head (!YES!) and I'm creating these little iMovie videos with these clips. So much fun I'm having a difficult time concentrating on anything else! Oh well, hope you enjoy my little peek into my creative chaos, er um, process. I absolutely love to see how other artists work. Hope you enjoy!

And in case you don't believe is a lovely shot of myself with proof that I'll do most anything. Except hurl myself out of an airplane, or bungee jump, or eat strange insect things, or work in a deli as a meat slicer. Ok, well, almost anything.


  1. I loved your Nancy Coffey interview, Lori--and the little video was really sweet! I assume you filmed it with your iphone head-gear-accessory (it's very becoming, by the way ;) )

  2. thanks Elizabeth! I can hook you up if you need one!